Privacy Policy

Futuratechservices value its customer's privacy and hence safeguard it by strictly complying with all the global standards and systems that have been created for handling personal information. The following are some of the primary informative details about our privacy policy that we would like you to be cognizant of.

Collection Of Customer's Personal Information

The main objective of obtaining your personal information is to improve communication and your online presence. Your personal information comes in exceptional advantage when we have to send you something valuable. The data also aids in making your visit to the site more appealing and user-friendly as we will be able to show your preferable search results appear first. For this purpose, we might use COOKIES, It is done just to enhance the experience of the user with the website. You have a choice to disagree and discontinue also.

Usage of Collected Personal Data

If in case a necessity appears to use your data other than for a purpose it was obtained, we ensure you that we will ask your consent. Furthermore, we will take your permission if we are yielding your personal information with a third party for a demand it was not collected for. We never maltreat the personal data that we handle from you for our personal advantage, we protect your valuable data using highly advanced technology. You can renew and modify your personal information anytime you want.

Security of Customer's Personal Data

We use the most updated and excellent technology for blocking your data from illegal access and its unauthorized disclosure. Futuratechservices secures its customer's data like inestimable assets and that has been one of the reasons that have nourished us to gain trust of our customers.